Sarah & Britt / Welcome to the MYP Family!

I'm a NC based brand photographer (but I love to travel for work+fun). Joanna Gaines is my spirit animal, and in another life (maybe this one) I'd probably move to Waco, TX!

I'm always down to try a new local coffee shop (even better if they have lavender latte), and working on mastering the perfect at home brew recipe. 




The Branding Experience



About a month ago I expressed the opportunity for a few lucky couples to join the Madalyn Yates Photography Family Loyalty club. I was so excited to see who was interested and when Sarah commented saying, “We can,” I squealed! Sarah and I work together and we’ve talked before about doing a portrait session but one with her and her boyfriend well that was a lovely idea!

The first question Sarah asked me was about my style. My style of photographing couples. I shared with her that I love to capture everyday moments between the two lovebirds. I love to follow their steps and capture the love and joy that comes from them being together.

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We met Downtown Greensboro, walked around to find rustic, colorful backdrops, and had a great time. Sarah is a beauty and the two of them together are gorgeous! Sarah and Britt are creative people as well. Artistic and business man creatives. 

I look forward to getting to know these two more and continuing to photograph their relationship and future together! 


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