Azalea Junes Arrival – Magnolia Birthing Center Birth

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So this was a first for me …. and I completely LOVED this opportunity & feel so honored to of captured Azalea’s arrival! For a photographer, creating relationships with clients is super important so usually it involves a lot of behind the scene meetings, emails, etc! Well, for this specific occasion, I didn’t have any prior relationship to the couple! Why? Let’s talk about Thursday, August 8th, 2019.

I was just finishing up at the gym and I got a call from my friend / another incredible photographer, Ashley. I was caught off guard because I knew she was out of town and she typically doesn’t call me at 8:00am. Turns out, Ashley was needing someone last minute to step in and photograph a water birth at a Magnolia Birthing Center here in Greensboro!!! Being that I absolutely love all things babies & have been dreaming to shoot more births, I said yes, of course!!!

At 8:30am, I arrived at the birthing center ready to begin capturing the next chapter of this families story! Mom & Dad arrived shortly after and not even an hour later at 9:30 AM, strong momma delivered a healthy baby GIRL to their surprise! Mom & Dad waited until this day to know whether baby was a girl or boy, I think that is so special and adds some sweet mystery to the whole pregnancy chapter! Azalea came so fast that momma didn’t even get into the tub! Little girl didn’t want to wait any longer (she was also one week early!) but even though they didn’t get their water birth, they fell completely in love with their sweet baby girl, Azalea June. Isn’t that a cute name? It was funny because their doula said, you should of named her Magnolia after the center!

“A Mother is your first friend, your best friend, your forever friend. ”

— Unknown

Congratulations Kaytlynn & Matt! Your sweet bundle of joy is absolutely beautiful!

I can’t tell you how amazing, life changing and beautiful capturing this experience was and will remain until I get the pleasure to do it again, (hopefully)! When I was in high school, I loved watching TLC Birth Stories and my friends always thought it was weird, but it really is inspiring and now I got to experience first hand and can’t wait for more opportunities like this! If you’re expecting & are interested in a birth session, please reach out! I’d love to capture this chapter in your life!


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