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I'm a NC based brand photographer (but I love to travel for work+fun). Joanna Gaines is my spirit animal, and in another life (maybe this one) I'd probably move to Waco, TX!

I'm always down to try a new local coffee shop (even better if they have lavender latte), and working on mastering the perfect at home brew recipe. 


Do you ever have that feeling that you can’t shake off? Lately, I’ve been really trying to focus on the people I get to meet and work with because I GET to serve them. If you’ve watched my social media lately, you’ve seen that I’ve re-branded and did a whole website remodel. It’s been such an eye opening process and I am so excited I did it! Well, the talent behind my new brand is this girl right here. Ida & I met through a church potluck brunch on a random Sunday back in March and we’ve been biz besties since then! It’s so cool to see who and how God puts specific people in your lives. When I count my blessings and the people I GET to work with, I count Ida twice. Please do yourself a favor and go check her out, here!

After my launch week was a hit, Ida reached out to me to see if we could do a new branding session for her and I was so excited! Over the past few months, Ida has really discovered her love for web design, (obviously since she did mine and surpassed all my dreams!) and stationary design. For this shoot we wanted to showcase her in her element!

I love photographing brands! If you’d be interested in chatting about making your brand come to life, I’d love to grab a coffee and chat! Inquire here!

Not only did I capture Ida in her office but I also had the pleasure to photograph Ida and her husband, Hunter! When they got married, they didn’t really get a lot of photos so I was overflowing with joy when she said Hunter was going to join for this session! And boy, did they knock it out of the park! We had many belly laughs, lots of snuggles & sweet puppy kisses.

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