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Tis the season to Family Vacations! I absolutely love this time of year for many reasons but one of them, especially when I was younger, was taking family vacations or just spending time with family for the holidays! I’ve had many people reach out to me and ask, “How do you capture your time with family so well? Without being the person always with a camera or feeling like it’s to posed?” And here is my answer …

Capture the day as it goes! Don’t worry if the scene isn’t perfect! Don’t worry if the dinner table isn’t perfectly set because that isn’t what life is. Life isn’t perfect. And your friends & family will react genuinely when they see you share about your family time! If you have a huge family and you gather for Thanksgiving or Christmas, I am sure there is a time where you’re all lounging around; that is an ideal time to take out your phone or camera and capture some candid moments! My family always takes a walk to digest the yummy food and that is when I bring out the camera! And I’ve done it so much, my family is kind of trained but I still get genuine laughs and love! It’s honestly my favorite time! A photographer that does an incredible time in capturing Family time is, Rebekah McClure – she is a wedding & portrait photographer but documents her family so well! Check her out, here!

Now, if you’re like me, you want the photos to be a high quality so you can print them and share them! And with iPhones now a days that is totally doable but having a small DSLR camera is always a help! And you don’t have to be a professional to use one! There are plenty of hobbyist cameras that are so easy to use! I will list a few resources for you at the end of this blog post!

If you’re interested in checking out some resources for everyday camera uses or resources to capture your family vacation, check them out, below!

  • A great starter camera – Nikon D3500

  • And if you don’t have a camera and want to stick with your iPhone – these are great lens’ for that – Olliclip iPhone lenses – and here is a link for their Instagram!

  • A great tool to edit on the go is Lightroom Mobile or VSCO!

Here are some other people that encourage me when it comes to documenting life:

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