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Hey friends! A while back I asked you all if you’d be more interested in a blog post about How to Have Beautiful Getting Ready Photos or How to Have Amazing Reception Photos and you all voted for the first … so let’s dive in on some tips & tricks for How to Have Beautiful Getting Ready Photos!

1) Venue, Venue, Venue! Not only does your venue matter for your ceremony & reception, but it also plays a HUGE part in your getting ready photos! Now, you may have a different getting ready venue than your ceremony/reception venue and that’s okay! When I am photographing your getting ready time I will use the natural backdrops, flooring, and of course lighting for your photos! Yes, we can work with limited options, but it makes our world a lot more simpler when the venue is clean, light, and spacious! Here are some examples of gorgeous getting ready spaces!

2) Okay, so the venue plays a huge part but believe it or not, the wardrobe for your bridal party! When your girls show up for hair & makeup, if photos are being taken (which they definitely should be!) nothing is worse than them showing up in a ragged shirt and leggings! Don’t get me wrong, that’s comfortable and all but now a days, brides are gifting their bridesmaids with presents as a way of asking them to be in the bridal party or as a thank you so why not give them matching pajamas or a cute robe for getting ready? I recently found & partnered with a company here locally called Poppy & Co! They have the cutest matching loungewear and bridal accessories! Definitely consider them to make your getting ready photos cute & beautiful!

3) Brides, get ready last! I know you’re really excited for the moment to finally happen but make sure you are the last one to get ready, especially if you have a large (3 or more) bridal party! You want to make sure your hair & make-up are as fresh as they can be before your ceremony and or first look if you choose to do one! Also, if you can, have your make-up artist stay until after you’ve done your first look, letter reading or put on your dress so they can do touch ups cause we all know there maybe tears shed!

4) And lastly for today, set the mood for how you want to feel! If you want to have a big ol’ party, then have one of your bridesmaids create a party playlist! If you want to have a calm and relaxing morning, enjoy soft tunes or worship music! Whatever the mood is in the room will reflect in your photos so make it great!

Hope y’all enjoyed this tips for How to Have Beautiful & Fun getting Ready Photos!


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