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Hello! I am back with a peek into CassB & Hunter’s Branding Experience I had the honor of photographing a few weeks ago! If you’ve been following me for a little bit, you may recognize these two from another photography adventure in Charleston, SC! I had the pleasure of photographing them at an Adorn Collective Workshop and they modeled the role of husband & wife! So, I loved hanging out with them again but this time we did an in-home branding session to showcase their love for fashion design

When I reached out to Cassidy about doing another session, I told her, “I want to capture you and Hunter in your element – let’s take photographs of you guys doing what you love.” And I knew she had a thing for fashion but I had no idea, Hunter does too! So I loved the idea of capturing them in their studio doing the behind-the-scenes work

I left this session feeling encouraged and inspired to say the least! What a great reminder that you can pursue your passion with the one you love right by your side! Whether they do the same passion as you or they have another one — you can chase your dreams hand in hand.

They kept chasing their own dreams until they eventually became a reality that they could chase together.

We had such a fun time! If you’re interested in booking your branding session, I’d love to walk you through the process, inquire here!


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