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I'm a NC based brand photographer (but I love to travel for work+fun). Joanna Gaines is my spirit animal, and in another life (maybe this one) I'd probably move to Waco, TX!

I'm always down to try a new local coffee shop (even better if they have lavender latte), and working on mastering the perfect at home brew recipe. 


It’s been a while & I am so excited to share a peek into Ashley’s Branding Experience for This Creative Nest! Ashley is a watercolor artist & stationery designer based in North Carolina. She specializes in live wedding paintings and she’s absolutely incredible at what she does!

branding photography artist looking at her portfolio

For her Branding Experience we decided to showcase The Graham Mill as Ashley’s backdrop! The Graham Mill provided multiple backdrops for the many parts that Ashley wanted to photograph. Each of these backdrops share the different stories that Ashley embodies.

When you’re planning your photos knowing what you want to have captured is essential. When Ashley shared with me that she wanted to showcase multiple stories within her brand I was so excited to make that happen! Ashley the mom & wife, a painter & the stationer.

Having keywords that describe your brand is so valuable – here’s Ashley’s! Timeless in the way Ashley paints moments that should last forever on your wedding day. Meaningful because what Ashley creatives captivates days that mean the world to couples & their family members. Romantic is how Ashley includes details that represent the couple and share their love story.

We had such an incredible time and I can’t wait to see how Ashley uses these photographs to bring life into her brand! If you’re looking at these and saying, “WOW, I want to do this for me!” I’d love to chat with you! Inquire here to schedule your coffee chat!

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