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I'm a NC based brand photographer (but I love to travel for work+fun). Joanna Gaines is my spirit animal, and in another life (maybe this one) I'd probably move to Waco, TX!

I'm always down to try a new local coffee shop (even better if they have lavender latte), and working on mastering the perfect at home brew recipe. 


I am so excited to share with you some personal news and business excitement! I have an O.Henry Magazine Feature!!! When I received an email from the magazine’s creative director, I got so excited and immediately said yes to photographing a few small businesses in the Triad! I am going to showcase each of the small businesses that I got to work with below, let’s dive in!

Merle Norman Greensboro

What a fun and special team! Merle Norman Greensboro has such a welcoming team of employees which made photographing them so much fun! I actually got my ears pierced years ago at a Merle Norman in Florida! The first photo below is of the two owners; they are sisters! How fun to work together!

Trial Local First

When I first moved to Greensboro, I came across Triad Local First! Back then there was a different president but now Tracy is the president and she was so kind and nice to photograph! We met at her office here in Greensboro and included a few marketing materials that she had on hand for Triad Local First.

Triad Lifestyle Medicine

Working with Leah & Tiffany was a great addition to my experience with the magazine! Leah & Tiffany run Triad Lifestyle Medicine here in Greensboro; a place for healing and lifestyle medicine practice! I loved the pop of purple throughout their office space and it made for great photographs!

Downtown Greensboro

It’s only fitting that I had the honor to photograph the Downtown Greensboro team! Stacey and her team were so much fun to photograph & their space is incredible! They also included their sweet pup, Lucy which was too cute!

Salt & Soul Greensboro

Self-care is such a popular & important topic these days and Salt & Soul Greensboro is definitely a great place to go for some you time! Chris & Rhonda are new to the area and I have no doubt that they will be the talk of the town soon! From Himalayan salt rooms to hydro chairs, they have all the relaxation for your next self-care day!

Easy Peasy Bakery

If you know me, you know I love a yummy bakery! Believe it or not, I’ve lived here in Greensboro for 5 years and just experienced Easy Peasy Bakery for the first time and it was amazing!!! They have such unique flavors and the employees are so sweet (no pun intended!) I had so much fun working with them!

Oakcrest Dental

Oakcrest Dental was one of the last small businesses I got to work with! Dr. Norman and Dr. Gill are great dentists here in Greensboro! We used spaces around the office and outside as well!

Ah! I still can’t get over this! It was such an amazing opportunity to have an O.Henry Magazine Feature and start a wonderful relationship with local small businesses as well as a well-known magazine who I can’t wait to work more with in the future! Stay tuned! xoxo, Madalyn


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