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The Definition of a Branding Photographer Madalyn Yates Photography Brand Photographer

Before we dive in…

I wanted to share the definition of branding with you. Branding is more than just a logo, colors, and fonts.

Your visual identity is formed up of many things, photography included. So, let’s dive into the definition of a branding photographer!

What is a Branding Photographer you may ask?

The definition of a branding photographer is a photographer who creates professional images that represent people. Images that help tell their stories; business and personal.

Not only does branding photography tell a story but it helps your brand become more relatable and human. Relatable in the sense that you can connect with your audiences on a deeper level. Human in the sense that people get to know you for you versus knowing you as your title; for example, a photographer.

What’s the difference between a branding photographer and a portrait photographer?

The biggest difference between the definition of a brand photographer and a portrait photographer is the education that a brand photographer provides. Education is essential when you’re wanting to invest in a brand photographer.

When I am working with a brand client, I walk them through multiple questions that help clear the view of what they want their brand to convey. We walk through the different storylines that they want to portray – this is another way of building trust with your audience. I don’t qualify myself as a brand strategist but I want people to realize their true potential and I do that through storytelling photographs; my definition of brand photography.

P.S. If you need a brand strategist, check out Jenelle Botts – she’s amazing and would be such help in developing your brand!

By discussing, I am able to help people dig deeper and curate images that make their audiences feel educated. A portrait photographer may capture beautiful images but they are minimal with the story which then leaves the client with photos of them but no content to share to show the behind the scenes, heart & soul of their brand.

Bringing heart & soul into your brand through storytelling images.

When I think about my social media and the content I want to share, it is a balance of a few content pillars. I share personal stories, past client work, and then education for those who are a part of my community.

Personal Stories – I want people to work with me because of me. I want to build relationships that continue beyond our time together. So when I travel for fun, explore a new coffee shop, or celebrate a birthday, I love to share that with you!

Past Client Work – Well, I get so excited about the people I work with, so of course, I want to share it with my audience! Plus, it allows me to share other brands and praise business owners.

Education – Then when I’m not doing the other two, I want to educate the importance of the benefits of branding photography for your businesses! Even better, results & testimonials to educate as well!

So if you’re new here, I hope you feel like you understand what I do as a branding photgrapher! I love helping business owners step into their full potenial by bringing their heart & soul into their brand!

And if you’re ready, I’d love to chat with you about branding photography for your small business, inquire here!


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